Who Is September

Mother of 3, Detroit native turned Houston resident, September has lived a seemingly full life. She graduated from the University of Phoenix with a double Master's in Psychology and the Administration of Criminal Justice in 2010. She worked a variety of jobs including security, case management, and auditor, but felt none of these positions were satisfying, and took too much time away from her children. 

In 2017, she decided to tap into the world of entrepreneurship to teach her children how to build something for themselves. They started with the desire to bring natural skin-care solutions to their community and with that, The 4K Dynasty, LLC was born. After a few years, they took a break from the natural products to venture into custom printing in 2020. Although custom printing was fun and exciting, not as much as creating natural skin-care. In 2022, The 4K Dynasty went back to finish what they started and the Royal Cleanse brand was created. Offering a full line of luxury bath and body, specializing in natural skin-care, hair-care, and self-care solutions. 

​But September didn't stop there. She still felt something was missing. She always had a passion for writing; poetry, short stories, plays... this was her form of healthy self-expression. Her past was less than pleasurable dealing with domestic and sexual abuse, loss of loved ones, feelings of emotional abandonment, betrayal, the list goes on, writing was September's way of finding comfort, relief, and peace. 

​In late 2023, September began to ask the oh too familiar question of, “why me”. Why did I have to experience so much pain and heartbreak. The answer became clearer and clearer each day; why not you?

Who better to lead the charge of helping others heal from their emotional traumas and rebuild their confidence and self-esteem than you?

In finding and understanding her purpose, September used her already ingrained passion for writing to publish books, create courses, and workshops geared toward gaining a better understanding of oneself, building self-esteem, & learning/re- learning self-love.

And with her family's love and support, September’s mission in life has become to use her experiences to help guide and provide strategies to as many people as possible in their journey to learning to love themselves again.