This book was literally amazing! I took so many notes. I don't know what I was expecting but that really passed every expectation I could've had. It's stuff in there that I needed to hear, and stuff that I will start to do. I'm really impressed. I didn't know you were that good lol. Very well done!


The Journey -- I feel it is very thorough and more in-depth than I initially perceived. I can appreciate some of your "preacher perspective". Meaning a lot of times it feels like they're talking just to you. This is because so many people go through the same things quietly. Even with making certain generalized statements it connects personally for almost everybody. All in all, good job!


The book is well-written, has a good outline, covers multiple/major areas in life, is written in simplistic language that all ages can comprehend... This rendering is more personal, heartfelt, & inspiring. Very good work, proud of you! Maintain the creativity in you.